13 Settembre


The Aeroclub Monte Cornizzolo paragliding school regularly organizes the “Open Day” events. During these days, completely for free, anyone can understand in every detail how a paragliding course works and what you can do with the paraglider once you get the flight licence. During the “Open Day” you will have the chance to put your hands on the equipment and to carry out practical take-off tests in a safe school environment.

Assisted by the school’s instructors, you will learn how to inflate the glider trying to keep it as long as possible above your head. The best beginners will even pull their foots a few inches off the ground, feeling the wonderful sensation of the takeoff. At the end of the day with be held a raffle for some free tandem flights.


Meeting at the school’s headquarter of the school. View map


Start with personal cars for the field school on Alpe Giumello. View map

Theoretical introduction held by the instructor ENRICO FRIGERIO:
What is paragliding? How is it done? Why it flies? When you can fly, and when you cannot? How long, where and when is held a paragliding course?
Free questions.

After seeing how the instructors do it, the beginners will start to inflate and to run with the paraglider above the head, simulating the take-off, always under the instructor’s supervision!
The school field is a gentle sloping lawn and therefore is not suitable for a real take-off; This allows you to practice safely. Using little efficiency paragliders, we start the run by pulling the elevators to inflate the paraglider over our head, trying to pull the feet off the ground, just as if we would take-off from a mountain.

Pause – On the site there are also huts and restaurants.

Same take off simulations as done in the morning until the bitter end.

Tandem flights vouchers raffle.